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Picture of a rabbit on the moon - variants

Picture of a rabbit on the moon - variants

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An original personified picture or poster for a child's room, it's a cute sleeping rabbit/hare with a cap on the moon 🧸

It is perfect as a gift for the birth of a child, a gift for a child's birthday, also as an original decoration for a child's room or, for example, a Christmas present 🥰

Change the color of the background, hat, bow and choose a doll, stuffed animal or airplane for your hand. Combine as you like and as it suits you or the recipient's home. We also have neutral color backgrounds such as white and soft gray. You can also purchase additional images to create a beautiful photo wall with different themes. There are no limits to fantasy 🙌

How do you create a personalized image?

  2. Choose what we will print on (for now only A3-smaller or A2-larger poster. Pictures in the frame are in preparation)
  3. Select a background
  4. Choose a silver or gold moon
  5. Choose what to hold (teddy, doll, airplane, nothing)
  6. Choose with or without a bow
  7. Choose with or without a cap
  8. Write your own text + font and font color (optional)

Background colors on the image:

  • White, soft gray clouds
  • Pink pastel clouds
  • Purple pastel clouds
  • Turquoise, blue pastel clouds
  • Beige pastel clouds
  • White, neutral
  • Soft gray
  • Canvas, white, soft gray

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