How is a star map made?

Have you decided to create an original gift in the form of a poster or a picture of a star map? Congratulations! The recipient will receive a unique gift that is sure to please 🤩

The position of the stars in the sky is influenced by various factors, mainly the date and the place from which we look at the starry sky. When compiling an online star map, you need to know these two important pieces of information, and for the location, you only need to enter the city or village (due to the great distance from the ground, the exact address is no longer of any importance).

Don't forget to fill out the main text as well , for example, when creating a star map of the birth of a baby , you can insert a name , when creating a romantic gift in the form of a star map of your meeting, you can come up with an original romantic text 🥰

Before ordering, double- check the entire order, including any typos, so that the star map of the moment comes to you correctly.👌 You can order the star map in several sizes in the form of a poster and a picture on canvas . Star maps are often used as a romantic gift for a couple, an original gift for the birth of a child or as a unique birthday gift.

So don't hesitate and order a star map of a uniquelife moment from us .

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